Boarding Instructions

Before Boarding

Remember that pets, like people, usually appreciate a vacation in new surroundings with new friends. Dogs, once they become familiar with their new surroundings, have a marvelous, exciting time, almost like kids at summer camp. (If your dog has never been boarded before, you might consider short, overnight stays prior to an extended boarding stay to help him or her get used to boarding. Every time you return, your dog is less likely to affected by “separation anxiety” and can enjoy boarding more). Make sure that all immunizations are current. Don’t overfeed your pet right before coming over. The extra food is not really necessary and the result might be an upset stomach. Finally, because pets sense and reflect our emotions, DO NOT allow any member of the family to stage an emotional “farewell” scene. Your pets can be made to feel unnecessarily anxious about the visit if they are subjected to this kind of dramatic display.

After Boarding

Your pet will most probably become very excited when you return. And when dogs become excited, they tend to gulp food and water, which frequently triggers vomiting and/or diarrhea. Even if you normally provide unlimited access to either food or water, do not do so immediately after returning home. If your dog appears to be thirsty, provide a few ice cubes rather than water. Let him or her calm down for about four hours before offering food.

Sometimes pet owners become unnecessarily concerned about their dogs’ behaviour, which is completely normal. (For example, many dogs tend to sleep almost continuously for a day or two after returning home. This is usually a result of being back in a relatively calm environment after the excitement of the kennel). However, if you observe anything that appears to be out of the ordinary, please feel free to contact us to discuss your observations.